Dear God, fandom.
Go ahead and be offended, Directioners.

This post isn’t for the dozens of people I just woke up to in my inbox, the ones who are telling me that I’m “butthurt” or “reading too deeply into things.” 

That post will come later, when I’ve had copious amounts of coffee and am awake enough to address the matter respectfully, rationally, and with less cursing that I currently wish to throw in their general direction.

This post is for the people who are offended by the homophobic/offensive/problematic humor and habit that’s so prevalent in the One Direction fandom. The ones who adore the boys and want to express it, but find that they can’t without hitting a brick wall of stubborn ignorance and hurtful language. The ones who’d probably get called butthurt themselves if they were to, God forbid, speak out.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are right. You have the right to be offended and you have the right to express it. You have the right to ask for change and it is the people who are so frighteningly firm in their delusions of innocence and grandeur that need to reevaluate themselves.

Never feel wrong for being hurt. Never feel wrong for the things you are and the things you think, not when the only harm involved is that being perpetrated against you.

You have a place in this fandom and you have every last right to stay here and be comfortable here and discuss the issues so we can get rid of them.

Hate does not.

And if hordes of self-centered anons flood your inbox using language that should have died with the short-lived 4Chaneseque days of tumblr, don’t let it phase you.

They don’t deserve that acknowledgement.

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